When Accidents Happen at Work,

Pat Handles Everything.

Introducing The Most Advanced Health & Safety System On The Market.

PaT’s Work Safety Online System manages hazards and accidents through incredibly detailed automation and powerful reporting.

Look, You Can’t Measure Deadline Compliance With Email.

Accidents happen. But when companies audit health and safety, they typically find task compliance to be poor. PaT’s WSOL System encourages employees to do things by deadlines - No surprises. No excuses.

Strategy Software That Keeps Everyone Safe


Raise hazards and accident reports on your smartphone.

Analyze the incident, record the root cause inside PaT and suggest corrective actions for H&S supervisor review.


Track and record the financial impact of the accident.

H+S appointed supervisor examines lost time injury. PaT task integrity sets up peer-review meeting.


Manage and drive change for better business.

PaT encourages compliance and auto-escalates until health and safety committee investigates and signs off.


Record accidents and hazards when they happen

Digitally sign-off and audit health and safety logs

Dynamic reporting of WSOL metrics and trend analysis

Task integrity auto-updates based on execution of tasks

Negotiate task deadlines and schedule H&S meetings

Improve training with strategy documents and automated recertification

Manage lost time injury and financial value of accidents

RCA and CA accident identification

Track progress by role, department, person and branch


Leverage the power of the Task Management Engine, Auto Escalation, Strategy Documents, LMS and Smart Audits...

No More Problems with SOPs.

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