Fix problems. Set Standards.
Deliver Excellence.

Transform employees into performance champions.

PaT strategy software is a unified platform of powerful applications that provides real-time visibility into everything your team is working on (or avoiding working on) within two clicks.

Companies are losing avoidable battles.

Traditional management “solutions” are disappointing.

Most companies are forced to stitch together different applications, spreadsheets and email.
It’s frustrating for leaders. So, we developed a unique platform to elevate company capability.

Meet PaT

PaT strategy software empowers company stakeholders to do their jobs better, with ease.

When company head’s lack complete visibility on people and task management, it reflects poorly on business performance... and leadership effectiveness.

PaT business strategy software fixes this in just two clicks by aligning strategy and tactics to create true operational excellence.

Create Strategies + Build Capability + Execute Tasks + Review = Fix problem

The PaT solution unifies many intelligent applications such as…

Health and Safety

Ensure everyone goes home safe using the most advanced work safety system on the market.


Train and recertify staff on auto to deliver unprecedented organisational capability long term.


Guarantee task integrity and auto-escalate non compliance of critical tasks.

Task and Project Management

Manage a complex business
with multiple countries, sites, roles and departments in real time on one simple dashboard with full drill down capability.

Human Resources

Maximize employee performance using PaT’s strategic approach to effective management (and enhancement) of your people.


Design a brilliant onboarding experience, leverage workflow automation and manage tickets, projects, call cycles and customer information in one place.

Quality Management

Maintain your desired level of operational excellence with PaT’s smart quality planning, assurance and improvement features.


Validate that strategies set in play are being managed to the standards expected.

… into a single, powerful, and user-friendly platform.


Simplify Management

Manage teams and tasks, store ideas,
create better systems, track progress, and
share files.

All in one place, across all devices.

Protect Your Best Investment: People

Give employees an easy way to learn faster and more completely so that they can do their jobs better, and with less effort.

Guarantee Compliance.

See when tactics are executed brilliantly, at the right time, the right place and in the right context…  and when employees miss the mark.

People Management Made Easy

What Makes PaT Different?

Get Humanised Metrics

See what’s driving performance management strategies. Oversee, create and complete tasks on PaT’s streamlined single page dashboard.

Automate And Escalate

Create more operational freedom. Automate learning schedules, audits and all tedious tasks; auto escalate non-compliance until issues get fixed.

Break Up With Email

Replace long inbox threads with responsive cloud-based forums that makes team interactions instantaneous.

Optimize Workflows

Provide a better onboarding experience, all by reducing costs, with a CRM that automates tasks, centralizes storage and streamlines communication.

Qualify And Recertify

Retain A-game employees and establish a learning curve faster with unparalleled training capability.

Get Home Safe

Give your staff the peace of mind of a safe and healthy workplace. Manage hazards and accident reports in one place.

The Big Problem Business’ Everywhere Are Facing:

People follow the path of least resistance.

When someone drops the ball, workplace conversations don’t seek to differentiate between:

Justifications that are REASONS and Justifications that are EXCUSES

By avoiding conflict and consequences, the root cause of non-performance is rarely discovered and rarely dealt with.

PaT changes the conversation by


Understanding non-performance from all angles.


Defining employee justifications as valid reasons or excuses.


Facing conflict head on with productive problem solving capability.

Established Transparency = Elevated Performance.

You Are 3 Steps Away From Operational Excellence

Step 1

Request A Free Demo

Let’s meet. The discovery demo (online or in-person) is designed to clarify and understand your business’ unique concerns and goals.

Step 2

Try Before You Buy

Take PaT for a 60-day test drive. A qualified representative will help you establish a roadmap towards dramatic operational improvement.

Step 3

Done-For-You Installation

Leave the setup to us. We’ll upload your entire staff and company information in 2 hours so you can start driving change towards operational superiority.

All Stakeholders - Connected.


CEO’s, Executive Members, Managers, Supervisors, Directors, Staff, Content Creators, Administrators.


Suppliers that need to comply with your company’s policies, Customers, Brand Ambassadors.

What Does Operational Capability Cost?

How much is unoptimization costing you in sales and employee-retention? What is it worth to automate tedious tasks, eradicate operational errors and establish compliance around critical tasks?

Hosting Cost Per Month

PaT Cost Per User Per Month

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